Weatherwall Custom Windows available at Lake of the Woods Timberworks

Weatherwall windows and doors impact quality, strength and beauty to any space.

About the WEATHERWALL Systems

The WEATHERWALL system uses a 4-track telescopic window and door system. It‘s constructed with heavy-duty extruded aluminium frames and vents, with fin-seal weather- stripping. The screens are made of durable fibreglass.

The windows panes are a 10 mil. Elasto Vinyl that easily withstands most of what life throws at it. Oops, that grandchild just fell against it again!. No problem; the vinyl is durable and strong and even has memory, allowing it to return to original shape and condition if pushed on or stretched even really, really hard.

WEATHERWALL comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

Each WEATHERWALL window is custom-made to fit your existing, new or heritage construction. Easy installation makes this a favourite of contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

WEATHERWALL also offers made-to-order, lip frame/fixed-light windows (transom) matching windows for use with very high ceilings.

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