LOTW Timberworks is a construction company specializing in Timber Framing.

Custom Timber Framing Solutions and Construction Services 

With over 20 Years of building Customer Timber Framed Homes, Cottages, Boathouses, Sheds, Docks, Gazebos, we are well suited to meet all your Timber Framing needs!

Lake of the Woods Timberworks

We are a local, family owned business that has been operating in the Kenora area for over two decades. We specialize in custom timber frame & log cottages and homes.

Our local craftsmen, use mortise and tenon joinery in both log and timber form to create a seamless dream structure. The old world craftsmanship sets these building apart from any others.

Our wood is locally sourced, supporting our local businesses. The timbers are cut out of old growth red and white pine stands. These are mature trees that are put into these long standing structures.

We strive to showcase the clients unique vision in each one of our builds, making their dreams a reality to enjoy for generations to come.

With the years of positive experience in the construction industries, we have established valuable relationships with our manufactures. This has given us the opportunity to become authorized distributors which in turn allows us to offer some of the amazing products that take any build to the next level.

With your imagination and our creative experience, there are limitless possibilities to what we can create together.

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